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Ken   salaz

magician  &  mentalist

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     Get the most out of your sales meetings, parties, award banquets and other corporate and private events.  Ken provides you with an energetic show that will have your guests laughing and leave them astonished.  The show can be customized for an audience of 5 to 1000, as Ken’s unique style of entertainment captivates your guests in both intimate settings and large corporate venues.  Having crafted his show for over 25 years, he can provide you with a sophisticated, friendly and humorous experience of mentalism, magic and pick pocketing.   Throughout the show the audience is engaged and participating in his impossible effects.  Besides performing for Fortune 500 companies, he is a regular on the celebrity “A list” circuit.  Your clients and employees deserve the high caliber experience of a world class performer and richly deserve that your next event be the highlight of the year and one they will never forget!

virtual performances

     During these highly unusual times, Ken Salaz has adapted his live performance to the virtual format. It's not a virtual Mentalist / Magic show, it's a REAL show brought to you in the comfort of your own home. A long list of A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League Universities have taken advantage of his seamless transition into Virtual entertainment, and you can too. Mr. Salaz presents an interactive 25-35 minute show for you online with Mentalism and Magic. Although you are located in different locations throughout the world, he will still be able to peer into your mind and reveal thought of words, colors or celebrities. Included in the performances are demonstrations of Mind Control, Predictions of the future, and impossible Synchronicities! You can even use objects from your own home- your own deck of cards, books and dollar bills! This performance is adapted to corporate work as well as for private engagements. Book him today!

      "Ken is absolutely the best I've seen.  

  He is a spectacular performer."  

                                    -John Thain CEO Merrill Lynch

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about ken salaz

     Mr. Salaz is one of the world's premier Corporate and High End Private Entertainers. With an acute ability to ignite on stage, he has been able to captivate and mesmerize audiences worldwide. 

His dazzling career has spanned over 30 years. However, at the age of Twenty-two, he suddenly and inexplicably broke contact with his friends, family and colleagues and disappeared for three years. Unknown to the everyone, he traveled the world searching, collecting and extracting esoteric magical knowledge from a diverse variety of sources including Shamans in South America, Gypsies in Europe, Mentalists, Psychics, Pick Pockets and Thieves.  This portion of his life remains shrouded by mystery, but suffice it to say he learned a great deal about body language and the street value of watches. With seamless fluidity he is able to merge the ordinary with the impossible, which over time, has earned him the name "The Master of Astonishment."   Ken delivers the finest world-class astonishment found today.  If you have a taste for an electrifying evening filled with magical wonder and wholesome humor, book him for your next event.

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