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ken salaz

magicial & mentalist


Fork Bending at Rainbow Room NYC.jpg

     "Absolutely the best I have seen. He is a spectacular performer and has an incredible energy that engages everyone from start to finish.  I can't tell which is more impressive - his close-up, "in your face" work or his stage show.  Completely mind bending to say the least".

                                                                                        John Thain - CEO of Merrilll Lynch

     "Ken's performance was world class.  His online performance completely blew my mind.  I cant image the number of years it took to be able to do what he does, but he makes it look so easy.  He read all our minds, and made us laugh as well!  Thank you Ken for a wonderful job!"

                                                                         John Decker - Senior Investment Manager                                                                           largest Private Wealth Manegment Firm

     "This man does the impossible... he reads your mind, performs some incredible magic and only then do you realize he just stole your watch.  The secret service men weren't amused at that, but I thought it was hilarious. Ken is a powerhouse."  

                                                                         Colin Powell -  Former Secretary of State 

     "If my hands were as magical as his, I might have written more #1 hits!  Listen, he is truly a master of his craft and a incredible performer - I have no idea how he got inside my head!"  

                                                                                                                               Bruce Springsteen

     "I'm going to need a new brain after this....if I was still the judge on AGT, you would win - Period!"

                                                                                                                                         Howard Stern

     "Baddest magician ever is KEN Salaz....he's up there with Copperfield, Blaine and Chris Angel"

                                                                                                                                    Shaquille O'Neil

     "Ken is so personable and fits right in to every event I have had with him.  An incredible person and wonderful performer!"                                                                                     Martha Stewart

     "I wish I could do the magic Ken does at my job...the world would be different!  He is phenomenal, and so darn likable, you forget that he is busy stealing your wallet!   I have seen a ton of entertainers at a million of these events,  and none of them can match him"

                                                                              Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader

     "Ken is the ONLY magician I let in Rao's to perform for my friends, although I let Blaine come in for dinner.  Ken is a great talent, the people love him - even when he steals their watches and wallets.  He knows how to make people happy, and thats why he is here." 

                                                                        Frankie Pellegrino -Rao's Restuarant, NYC

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