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ken salaz

magician & mentalist



Customized Mentalism Stage Show

     Ken will work with you and your team to create a custom show that is suited to your audience and your industry.  The show is upbeat, humorous and completely baffling.  It is highly interactive and will include over a dozen of audience members in an engaging display of mindreading that will create a life-long impression on those who attend. This format is perfect to share with your employees or high profile clients. For over 20 years companies have hired Ken's unique performance for conventions, gala dinners, award ceremonies, client appreciation and other events that have a seated audience.  Make this years event spectacular and unforgettable as Ken makes your audience feel like they are the highlight of the evening!

Close-up Strolling Mind Reading and Magic

     Ken is the perfect entertainer to help your guests break the ice and begin great conversations.  His performance has plenty of wonder, comedy and audience participation.  His distinctive performing style engenders laughter, awe and wonder at even the closest range.  Ordinary objects, under his influence, and with the closest scrutiny, defy the boundaries of conventional logic - a $1.00 bill changes into a $100.00 bill, borrowed objects levitate, and minds are read in the most astounding and sometimes comical fashion. With their inimitable blend of wit, charm and conjuring skill, Ken helps create the ideal atmosphere for guests to mingle, relax and bond.  His entertainment will set your event apart from the others.  Perfect for cocktail hours, holiday parties, networking events, break out sessions or other events where people need to relax and laugh.

On line performance

     During the year of 2020 Ken has seamlessly transitioned his live performance skills into a dynamic virtual performance.  From the comfort of your own home you and your employees or friends and family can enjoy impossible, mind-bending magic and mindreading.  The 25 to 35 minute show is highly interactive and humorous, leaving you and your guests baffled how Ken can read minds, control thoughts and even predict the actions of the audience in REAL TIME during the virtual show. You can even use your own cards, dice, books.  Hire him now to see just how effective and enjoyable it is!

Team Building and Creative Consultant Events

     Ken's mastery of mentalism and magic have given him a unique perspective and an ability to "think out of the box" and bring things together that seem for most people, impossible.   Ken's one hour interactive team building and creative consulting events are customized to your industry and needs.  During the one hour session, Ken demonstrates live mindreading and Magic and then arranges the groups into teams which work together to find the solution to the Magic that was presented.  As the magic gets more difficult to solve, the teams are more challenged to find solutions and work together. The final conclusion of the event is so astounding that it will help your employees not only remember what was presented, but apply it to their work. They will have been coached on how to bring the "impossible" to your industry and company.  It is designed to be the perfect blend of entertainment, team building and employee growth.

Master of Ceremonies

     In order to have your event stand out and engage your audience, you need an MC that will provide a captivating presence for the duration of the event.  Ken's dynamic stage presence will provide this for you. Never be at the risk of having your guests fade out during your event. In addition, his clean and articulate manor of presenting himself lends to an enjoyable and streamlined evening with a touch of relaxing humor.

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